Identity Crisis
It reminds me of a time I went to a modern art museum and really couldn't understand how to engage in the work.
(Facebook) Friends With Benefits
a quickie I made to commemorate Valentine's Day for the lonely ones.
Too High
What's the safety limit for smoking and driving? How high is too high to drive?
Just an exercise on cats
Setting up tent
A sudden image that popped into my head.
Leave Your Dreams Behind
I was watching an interview of a TV host, where he had to decide if he is to follow in his father's footstep or to chase his dreams.
This American Life
This is how I envisioned This American Life would look like, if it were published as a journal. I took the episodes from 2004 November and completed the layout design for the segments, as well as the illustrations.
Confessional Hotline
In 2004, This American Life aired an episode with stories about apologies. One segment described an apology hotline that used to be in service, for people who wanted to call and recount anything they felt the need to apologize for. It reminded me of a confessional... but in a more technological way. Hence, this.
ICFF 2015 Booklet
We went for a clean and minimalistic look. We really wanted to embrace the brand colour so our main focus to let the cyan blue draw attention of our readers.
Show On Stage
A Concert with lights.
Canadian Patriot
Inspired by a recent military-political holiday in China
it's apparently becoming illegal in Germany?
The Varsity
Layout work for my school's publication 2014-2015
Alone II
continuing with the idea of being alone.
Pool II
"Build me a pool," she says.
When the man was left behind.
Diving Board
How high can you go?
inspired by yet another music video.
conceptual project
playing with texture.
Class Project II
Another class project - make a poster of an actual event. Images were gathered on Google.
Class Project
layout a magazine article with the given text and images for a class exercise. personal project only.
TTC streetcar posters
(in progress) making a few streetcar posters for Toronto's transit.
Holiday Greeting Cards
Made a few quick Christmas cards yesterday for friends and family. Happy Holidays!
I wanted to make something fun, bright and exciting because it's summer.
Toronto In A Glance.
Showing Toronto in its simplest form. This was a way for me to show Toronto through simple geometric shapes and icons.
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